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We offer a range of services and packages suitable to all project types and scheme sizes.  We work each project from RIBA Plan Of Works, which ensures the project follows and meets professional industry standards for all projects. 

We offer BIM (Building Information Modeling) solutions to our projects to better Understand, Explore, Construct with our clients and other professionals in the design team.

Each project requires approval from Local Authorities with each stage of the project involving separate Authorities, such as Planning and Building Control  

For more information about these and to get a quote, contact us at our Leicester office.


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Pre Property Purchase Consultation

We offer a bespoke consultation to clients who may wish to explore the potential in a plot/property before purchase which helps explore the ideas and limitations before committing to their investments.   

Feasibility Studies

We help our clients investigate and evaluate sites and/or building by presenting the constraints and opportunities it holds.  It typically offers but not limited to; exploration of viable schemes and financial viability, however the clients requirements and level of complexity will determine the comprehensive depth of the study.


Concept Design

We can assist the client in preparing a brief if there is not one in place already, which allows us to explore the various ideas that the project potentially holds staying true to the project brief.  This always provides structure to the progress of the project as it allows client to move forward sequentially through the different options projects can offer.

Planning Approval

For any project to be realised it will require Local Authority (LA) planning approval unless your project falls within GPDO; through our extensive experience we have worked with many LA across the UK and diligent to continue our high approval rate.  In this planning stage we oversee all aspects from start to finish.    

Building Control Approval

Building Control is required to all structural works both in existing alterations and new projects.  These regulations will oversee the design and construction is to Government set standards. We submit our detailed drawings to achieve approval before work starts on site ; once these have been approved the Building Control Officer (BCO) will attend the build at key stages throughout construction to ensure work is being carried out to set standards.  At completion of construction, the BCO will issue a completion certificate to confirm the building works have been approved and that works have been carried out in accordance with the building regulations.  In this building control stage we oversee all aspects from start to finish of approval. 

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